Cormac has been actively involved for 23 years in the application and development of thermal arc spray (metal spray) throughout Australasia for use in the prevention of corrosion to steel and steel in concrete utilising the application of metals such as zinc, aluminium, zinc/aluminium alloys and Nickel, Stainless Steel, Hastalloys, Monel and Bronze.

We currently have offices or presence in Sydney, Indonesia & Malaysia.

About Us

Our thermal metal spray applications are used for corrosion prevention, cathodic protection, non skid and abrasion resistance, with projects ranging from every day structural steel fabrications to dams, ships, bridges, mining, wind towers, oil refineries & offshore oil, gas, waste water & power generation.

Thermal metal spraying is widely recognised as one of the most superior coatings available for providing corrosion resistance together with extremely long service life.

Our Services

Thermal Metal Spray Abrasive blasting Cathodic protection
(Thermally sprayed anode)
Protective coatings Non Skid - CORMAC.TH604 V