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Cormac’s main core business embraces all aspects of Thermal Metal Spray (TMS). Essential to this process we also specialise in Protective Coatings and Powder Coating. On many occasions, duplex coatings include both TMS and the application of industrial paints or powder coating for additional corrosion protection or decorative purposes.

Our Services

We offer fully mobile and self-contained onsite abrasive blasting & Thermal Metal Spray services throughout Australasia. We also provide inspection services, Thermal Metal Spray training as well as supply various types of high quality thermal metal spray wire.

All our thermal spray & abrasive blasting applications are carried out to Australian & EN standards.

  • Thermal metal spray for corrosion control of all steel structures.

  • Thermal Spray Non Skid/Slip coatings – RMS approved

  • Thermally sprayed anodes – Cathodic protection for the protection of steel reinforced concrete against concrete cancer.

  • Abrasive blasting of all steel & concrete surfaces.

  • Application of protective coatings.

  • Fully mobile and self-contained onsite abrasive blasting & Thermal Metal Spray services throughout Australasia.

  • Thermal metal spray in Refineries & Power Stn’s for corrosion protection & linings to tanks, exchangers, Ash hoppers, columns, boilers & pipes with exotic metals such as SS, Monel, 95MXC & Hastalloys etc
  • Reclamation/rebuilds of shafts and worn parts.
  • Design of Thermal Metal Spray coating systems.

  • Cathodic Protection services using our in house Corrosion Engineer & Consultant.
  • Thermal spray coating inspectors.

  • Thermal Metal Spray Operator training courses. (TSO) to ISO.14918 and recognized by DNV.

  • Supplier of quality Zinc, Aluminum & 85/15 alloy thermal spray wire.

Non Skid Coatings

Our versatile Non Skid coatings offer heavy duty non skid capabilities as well as corrosion protection. As an RMS specified product, the coating comprises of aluminium with either ceramic oxide or carbides powders offering superior grip and wear resistance. Textures can be altered from a mildly aggressive to a very aggressive texture catering for all situations.

Applications Include:

  • Walkways, Gangways
  • Ship, boat & trawler decks
  • Loading docks and ramps
  • Trenching & shoring plates
  • Bridge expansion joints
  • Truck tail gate loaders
  • Man hole covers
  • Suitable for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic

Benefits of our non-skid coatings:

  • Withstands flexing, bending & impact

  • Can be applied on site
  • Unaffected by cleaning agents
  • Impervious to UV rays
  • Zero maintenance
  • Zero cure time
  • No VOC’s

Thermal Spray Anode Technologies

Cormac’s exclusive thermally sprayed anode systems are designed and tailored to each customers individual needs. This unique product provides cathodic protection to steel reinforcement in concrete. Our thermally sprayed anode systems are used throughout Australasia.

Thermally sprayed anode systems will slow or stop corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete. Sprayed anode technology provides easily applied, low cost and non-invasive cathodic protection of all concrete structures, power poles, wharves and bridges.

We provide a complete service which includes system design, anode application by qualified thermal metal sprayers and commissioning and monitoring by our in house Corrosion Engineers. All our surface preparation and thermal spray application systems are fully self contained and mobile. ‘You name the place and we’ll be there.’

Thermally Sprayed Anodes can be applied to small problem areas or used on large projects. Sprayed anodes can be up to 50% cheaper than traditional buried concrete anodes.

Protective Coatings

An extensive portion of our works include surface preparation and application of other Industrial Protective Coatings services on bridges, buildings, pipelines, wharves, ships and structural steel, utilising much of the same equipment and resources used with our thermal spraying. Cormac has been able to carry out extensive Protective Coatings projects throughout Australasia.

Specialised site equipment includes Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting (37,500 psi) units, dust collectors, diesel generators, Bulk 4 outlet Mega Blasters, Vacuum recovery systems, 1300 cfm compressors, high pressure airless spray units, abrasive recycling units plus our 2 mobile blast trucks.

To ensure quality of works we have certified NACE/SSPC coating inspectors, CP Eng (corrosion) and SSPC accredited paint applicators and ISO 14913 certified Thermal Spray Operators as well as a Chartered Professional Engineer CPEng.

Powder Coating

Our Picton facility has ‘batch’ and ‘conveyor line’ ovens and we can powder coat items to 10m in length and 1000kg in weight.

We also apply Thermoplastic powder for mining, marine and electrical isolation. Our PLASPRO 68 thermoplastic powder range has been approved by many large mining companies for underground infrastructure use.

The facility includes 2x10t and 20t overhead gantry cranes, 20t mobile crane, forklifts, 18 & 7m blast chambers, a rod & bar blaster and a tumble blaster. The property has approximately 4000m 2 of hardstand area and 2300m 2 undercover factory area.

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