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Thermal Metal Spray


The process has many names, Thermal Spray, Metallising, Hot Zinc Spray or Arc Metal Spray, what ever the name the process signifies superior quality and performance.

Thermal Metal Spray Process

The basic concept of this process is to arc two wires together and then push high volume air behind that arc to disperse the molten arc into fine molten partials that are then propelled onto a pre-prepared substrate where the particles solidify.

Thermal Metal Spray has come into a new era with new technology pre-alloyed wires for longer life, more resilient coatings and higher deposition application equipment for larger on site projects.

Thermal Metal Spray provides coatings far superior to conventional coatings and has proven and documented extra long term protection & performance history.

Benefits Of Thermal Metal Spray

Zinc & aluminium and alloyed thermal spray coatings can be designed to provide any service life required, from short term 5 yrs to long term 200 years+.

Thermal Metal Spray can be applied in wider and more diverse climatic conditions than conventional paints and can even be applied during the abrasive blasting process. The coating is instantaneously ready for service after application. ‘No more watching paint dry!’

Thermal metal spray can be used for a wide variety of applications from providing galvanic protection, corrosion protection, wear resistance, non-skid, base metal thickening & reclamation.

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